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Sexting – help for parents and kids

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The news always seems to be bad these days, and it is easy to feel that there is a lot out there to be scared of. Being a parent has never seemed so scary. Many of us who are parents feel increasingly at sea in the fast-paced world of technology and social media in which our children and teenagers live. This ‘otherness’ and unfamiliarity can add to the sense of unease about the pressures they face as they grow up. Luckily, the NSPCC is available to help. As part of their suite of resources that help parents and young people…

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Education matters

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We all understand the importance of a good education. It is something the judges sitting in the family court understand too. A child’s education is one of the things which people who have parental responsibility for a child can make decisions about, and (if necessary) litigate over. An interesting recent case showed that a child’s educational opportunities will be prioritised over other considerations when a court has to make a decision about his or her future. This case concerned a 15 year old girl of mixed Mexican and British Bangladeshi heritage who had lived with her mother and elder siblings…

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