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Role models for kids

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In the field of private family law, one of the toughest decisions judges face is whether to let a child relocate permanently overseas with a parent. These cases are formally known as leave to remove applications, because leave (i.e. the permission) of the court is required in order to take a child away from the jurisdiction of England and Wales on a permanent basis if the parents do not agree. Doing so without consent of a parent or permission of the court can amount to child abduction. These cases are always tricky. If a judge gives permission for a relocation,…

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Relocation, relocation, relocation

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We at CFLP are privileged to work in a very cosmopolitan place. Cambridge is the centre of a lot of global industries: we have a huge tech sector centred around the science park, our bio-chemistry credentials are increasing all the time, and we are also a great centre for the creative industries too, both old and new. These centres of excellence all attract international visitors to make our city their home, and it’s a rich and culturally diverse city as a result. In fact, Cambridge News reported only this week that currently more than one in five of our city’s…

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