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Not about cryogenics

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An unusual and tragic family law case hit the headlines last week, regarding the last wishes of a terminally ill teenage girl (JS) to be cryogenically frozen after her death. She hoped that one day, after a cure for her cancer was found, she might be woken up and resume living her life. We know now that JS has sadly died, and that her wishes were indeed carried out, but the question of under what circumstances the family court got involved has been misconstrued, so we thought we’d take a closer look. In the full decision on the case which…

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Competing rights – parents and children

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We’re hearing a lot about the influence of Europe at the moment within the ‘Brexit/Bremain’ debate about our EU membership. One of the most influential pieces of legislation influenced by Europe is our Human Rights Act 1998, which enshrined the European Convention of Human Rights so it is directly enforceable by the courts of England and Wales. Although under review by the current government, some of whose members wish to see it repealed, this law has shaped the way our judges interpret many of the other laws under which we live. It has had a particular effect where family justice…

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Whose body? Children and medical treatment

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There was a very difficult case in the law reports this week that has brought to the forefronts of our mind the issue of who can consent to medical treatment for a child. The case involves a little girl who has just turned 13, whose grandmother noticed a bump at her waist and took her to see the GP. The girl turned out to be 21 weeks pregnant. She was sure that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. The NHS trust involved asked the court urgently to assess whether the girl was able sufficiently to understand the options available to…

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