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Research roundup

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The Ministry of Justice releases a bulletin from time to time that brings together the most recent and most pertinent research on aspects of the family justice system, and the people that move within it. The most recent edition throws up a few interesting facets that we thought we’d share with you in this week’s blog. The first research project it highlights is on MIAMs (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) and mediation in family law disputes. The project looked particularly at the statistics on the use of mediation where neither party was entitled to Legal Aid. This in itself is interesting,…

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Protecting children’s privacy

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As Resolution lawyers and responsible human beings, our focus at CFLP is to encourage the parents who come to see us to protect their children during separation and divorce. We believe in putting children’s interests first throughout the process. We aren’t big fans of litigating over children and do what we can to encourage our clients to avoid it wherever possible; sadly, it isn’t always possible to do so, and if it isn’t, we do our best to lessen the impact. As the family courts open up to scrutiny in more ways, the dangers of court proceedings for children become…

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Streamlined procedures

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We mentioned a few blogs ago that a report from the Matrimonial Needs Working Group (MNWG) is shortly due out. This committee was established following a recommendation by the Law Commission that the law relating to financial needs on divorce should be clarified. However another report has stolen a march on the MNWG, so today we bring you the musings of the Financial Remedies Working Group (FRWG). This body was established by the President of the Family Division in June 2014 to explore ways of improving the accessibility of the family justice system to those without legal representation, and to…

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Seeing justice done

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The media often accuse the family courts of being secretive. They claim that the public don’t understand the workings of the courts, their processes and the way judges make decisions. They often criticise the family courts for not being open enough, or worse, for miscarriages of justice and either breaking up families unnecessarily or not acting sufficiently quickly. In contrast to the ongoing media perception of secrecy, there is an important principle within the family courts that justice must be done, and that justice must be seen to be done. The problem that the family courts have is balancing considerations…

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