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How justice hears the child

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The place of children in our family justice system is rather complicated. There’s a constant tension between giving children enough of a say in decisions about their future to ensure that they feel heard and respected, while ensuring that they do not bear, or feel they bear, the responsibility of any specific outcome in a dispute. In family law, as children grow more mature their views about what should happen are given greater weight, but remain only one factor in the court’s assessment of what is in the child’s best interests. This means that even where the child is a…

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Too much choice in divorce?

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Every year, the accountancy firm Grant Thornton publishes a survey which details the opinions of those whom it considers to be the country’s top family lawyers (including us!): 139 responded this year. It looks at the work done by these lawyers in the preceding year – so, 2011 – and sometimes makes for interesting reading. We thought we’d take a look and see how our experiences compare with the others who were surveyed. And if you want to read it yourself, you can find it here. The headline splashed across the top of the press release asks whether there are…

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