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Grief and conflict in divorce

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When a significant relationship or marriage ends, there is almost always loss and grief. This is true not just for people to whom the separation comes as a shock, but also for those who instigate the end, and for those for whom it is a truly mutual decision reached after a great deal of thought and consideration. Even for those whose relationship may have been objectively abusive or dysfunctional, and for whom the end of the relationship may come as a relief, there is a void afterwards: a lack of something that was there before, a loss of what you…

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Health and happiness

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There always seem to be stories in the press about how happy relationships are good for peoples’ health, how divorce is bad for health, etc. It’s no surprise to say that breaking up any relationship can be difficult and stressful – but is it more stressful and difficult than staying within it? Are the long-term effects of a relationship that makes you unhappy likely to be more or less harmful than the acute stress of making the break? There’s no easy answer to that question: it will depend on a number of different factors, not least the individual’s reserves of…

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An Introduction to Counselling

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*This week’s blog is a guest post from Bob Brotchie of Anglia Counselling* What is counselling? Receiving ‘counsel’ is something most of us undertake each day from friends, loved ones, or colleagues. In a formal counselling session the difference comes from the impartial and non-judgemental behaviour of the counsellor, who does not have the inevitable vested interests of people who know you, and their specialist listening skills. Commencing a course of counselling opens up all kinds of possibilities to unpack your emotional suitcase, start a journey into the real you, and closely examine how any area in your life can…

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