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Enforcing financial orders

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In our work as family lawyers, we are generally focused on getting our client the outcome they want, or as close to it as is reasonably possible. We do this by whatever means are most appropriate in the circumstances of our client’s individual case: we commence the collaborative process, we negotiate for them, we support them through mediation, we arrange arbitration or we conduct litigation. In financial cases, the result is almost always a court order, ideally achieved by consent after the client has reached an agreement with their former spouse or partner, but if not, made by the court…

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When 100% is a fair division of assets

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Family lawyers are always talking about fairness, and what that means. Sometimes it means equality and equal sharing of a couple’s assets, sometimes is means an unequal split to balance capital and income and to try to meet everyone’s needs, but rarely does fairness require one party to get everything. You may have seen the coverage in the press in the last week about a case where just that happened, so we thought we would have a quick look. Naturally, the press have reported it in their typical fashion, claiming the wife is “walking away” with the family’s “entire fortune”…

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Tough love: should we limit maintenance after divorce?

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Happy New Year, and welcome back to our blog. We hope you and your families had a restful and joyful festive period. This week saw the annual press story about “D Day” or “Divorce Day” which is (apparently) the first working Monday after the New Year celebrations. So that was Monday this week (5th January 15) when according to the press, lawyers were inundated with enquiries from prospective clients. It is also the time when Relate and other relationship counsellors say they see an increase in new clients, as people try to work on saving their relationship after a difficult…

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Darling, where did you put the Mercs?

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There is not much about the law or practice of family law which is straightforward – each case is as unique as the people involved in it. Some go smoothly and with agreement, others are considerably more bruising in their course of resolution. And within all cases there are of course flashpoints and difficulties to be negotiated. One area where we often find difficulties arising is that of personal possessions, or more formally chattels (which includes the contents of your home, cars, pets, jewellery and the like). We have written about them here. When a couple separates, their possessions need…

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