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Removing gender bias

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There are few overt bastions of gender discrimination left in the country today. Perhaps a few of the more traditional gentlemen’s clubs remain of the view that ladies should not be admitted, and it was only last year that the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew’s admitted those of the female persuasion to its ranks. In CFLP’s world, we often hear criticism of the family courts based on its perceived gender bias against fathers in children matters; we often hear criticism that the child support system, and the financial system on divorce, is stacked the other way. Family…

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Family law: Prest into a corner

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[Update: the case did go to the Supreme Court and you can find out what happened here.] To warn you: this is one of our rare blogs about new case law. We don’t talk hardcore law very often (we aim to raise awareness about practical matters surrounding divorce/dissolution and a lot of the decisions that come out of the courts are peripheral to this), but this is important so we thought we couldn’t let it slip by. A couple of weeks ago the Court of Appeal released a judgment in the case of Petrodel v Prest that restricts the ability…

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