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Grief and conflict in divorce

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When a significant relationship or marriage ends, there is almost always loss and grief. This is true not just for people to whom the separation comes as a shock, but also for those who instigate the end, and for those for whom it is a truly mutual decision reached after a great deal of thought and consideration. Even for those whose relationship may have been objectively abusive or dysfunctional, and for whom the end of the relationship may come as a relief, there is a void afterwards: a lack of something that was there before, a loss of what you…

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Conflict and divorce: ways of resolving a dispute

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Resolution, the association of family law solicitors which is committed to non-confrontational methods of resolving family disputes and to which all of us here at CFLP belong, is promoting “Family Dispute Resolution Week” this week. The ambition, which we at CFLP share, is to raise awareness of non-court based ways of working things through when relationships break down. We’ve blogged before about mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law, and we’re passionate advocates for non-court processes in appropriate circumstances –take a look at our “how we do it” page for downloadable factsheets on all the options available. Although non-court methods are sadly not…

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