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What would they have done differently?

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We have written before about the Marriage Foundation and its campaigning remit. We’ve also written about its founder, Sir Paul Coleridge, who recently announced his retirement from the High Court bench to concentrate his formidable powers on the foundation’s work. In fact, as part of its campaign to put marriage back at the heart of society, it has just published a survey which canvassed the views of almost 900 separated or divorced people about various aspects of their separation. Although this is a small sample of people in the context of the population at large, there are a few interesting…

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Children law: what is welfare?

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When we’re working on issues about children, you might often hear us family lawyers talk about “welfare”. This is because the main law that guides us on children matters, the Children Act 1989, says in its very first section that “when a court determines any question with respect to…the upbringing of a child… the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration.” There are certain principles that can help the court in assessing the child’s welfare, if it is asked to do so: more details about this can be found in our downloadable fact sheet on children matters here. But…

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Marriage: the gold standard?

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Yesterday saw the launch of The Marriage Foundation, an organisation that has been set up by a High Court Judge “to be a national champion (advocate) for marriage, strengthening the institution for the benefit of children, adults and society as a whole”. At CFLP we’re generally all in favour of something that will benefit children, adults and society as whole, so we thought we’d take a closer look at the project. Sir Paul Coleridge is the man with the plan. He has been a High Court Judge for 12 years now and previously practised as a barrister in the field…

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