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Facebook: Saviour of Family Justice

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This week, social media has been back in the news. We hear a lot about social media as family lawyers, usually in a negative way: its impact on marriages is not always, we find, beneficial. However, there’s just been a case in which a judge has acknowledged the power of social media to enable people to be reached, so that they can be part of important court decisions. The report concerns adoption proceedings about a little boy of four years old. His birth parents are both foreign nationals, who were living together with their son in the Manchester area before…

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Un-adoption? Is that possible?

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An adoption order is a life-changing thing. It severs a child’s legal ties with their birth family, and instead makes them legally the child of the adoptive parents, with all rights and responsibilities transferred to the new family. Due to the draconian nature of cutting ties with the biological family, orders are only made by a court after careful scrutiny of the child’s best interests – their welfare is the court’s paramount concern, and an order for adoption will only be made when nothing else will do to meet the child’s needs. Once made, an adoption order cannot be undone…

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