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Surge in calls to male domestic violence charity

By 25 November 2021News

Appeals for help to a charity for male victims of domestic violence jumped by 60 per cent during lockdown, according to new figures.

The Respect Men’s Advice Line received 13,812 phone calls and emails between April and July, compared to only 8,648 in the same period last year. Contact via email almost doubled in June alone, from 372 in 2019 to 728 in 2020.

Over the quarter, Respect received an average of average of 92 phone calls and 22 emails per day.

Ippo Panteloudakis founded the helpline and is now the charity’s Head of Services. He explained that callers:

“…were talking about increases in violence, increases in psychological abuse and becoming homeless as a result of the domestic abuse and not having anywhere to go. We had reports from men sleeping in their cars overnight or sleeping in their friends’ or parents’ gardens in tents.”

Mr Panteloudakis added:

“It was absolutely clear the lockdown period exacerbated everyone’s domestic abuse experiences.”

The rise reflects a similar increase in calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline over the same period. According to the charity Refuge, phone calls and emails increased by 80 per cent during lockdown.