Pro Bono Children’s Arbitration Programme

By 4 November 2021Children, News

At CFLP we are excited to launch the Pro Bono Children’s Arbitration Programme.  We will offer one Children’s Arbitration per month at no cost for the next 6 months.


The delays in the court system remain at a concerning level. Many litigants and their children are being let down by the slow listing of cases or judicial unavailability at the last moment.  This is entirely at odds with the ‘no delay’ principle.

There has also been concern that arbitration may be out of reach financially for some people and others say that a two-tier legal system has evolved providing swift decisions only for those who can afford it.  This Pro Bono Children’s Arbitration Programme affords the opportunity to those who have been let down by the system and require a decision sooner rather than later.

Children's Arbitration

The preferred criteria

  • Where a final hearing has been adjourned;
  • Where there is a delay in listing of the final hearing exceeding 3 months from the DRA;
  • Where there is no contact.

Factors to consider

  • Are there any safeguarding issues? If so, your case is unlikely to be suitable for arbitration
  • Does the Cafcass officer have availability to attend the arbitration?

Cases suitable for arbitration

  • Leave to remove to a Hague Convention country
  • Schooling issues
  • Christmas contact
  • Child arrangements

Benefits of arbitration

  • Swift resolution in a matter of weeks rather than months or years
  • Privacy
  • Choice of arbitrator
  • Arbitration works. Many of our clients who have engaged in the process have been delighted with the quality and speed of the outcome.

Our Arbitrators

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Make your application

Your application will be filtered by our team and a decision as to whether the arbitration will be offered pro bono will be given within 10 days. We have the preferred criteria but confirm that all applications will be considered.

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