stjohnssNo-one wants their child to be taken ill.  Sadly it happens.  When children become seriously ill an NHS Trust may suggest that further treatment is futile and seek agreement from the parents that life sustaining treatment should cease to be administered.

No parent is ever ready to hear this news.  When the news does come it is hard to focus clearly on the available options.  Emotionally these situations are the most difficult a parent will ever face.  It is important that early legal advice is taken from a solicitor experienced in these time pressured and life sensitive scenarios.

We have unparalleled experience in this terribly difficult area, having acted on behalf of children, through their guardians, in numerous cases, some of which have been reported – all of which was distressing for the parents.  No solicitor in private practice in England and Wales is able to offer the depth and breadth of expertise in this area of the law.  We are able to provide you with practical experience and offer you the support and perspective you will need when considering what is best for your child.

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