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Year of legal qualification:  2005


  • pragmatic, clear and realistic advice with a commitment to client service and the interests of the family’s future;
  • highly effective mediator and specialist child dispute arbitrator;
  • strong solicitor-advocate, experienced in highly complex children cases;

Services offered: legal advice, negotiation, mediation, court paperwork, arbitration, court proceedings, advocacy.

What people say:

Directories: Recommended as part of the firm’s top tier listing by Chambers & Partners (2021) and The Legal 500 (2021) which says:

‘CFLP are unique in the sense that all of the fee earners are partners within the firm, so you are always guaranteed to be getting someone with a superior legal knowledge and years of experience. They are also able to deal with cases collaboratively, whilst always negotiating the very best outcome for their clients.’

Special mention would go to Jeremy Ford, who is an outstanding lawyer. He thinks outside the box and his years of experience working for CAFCASS sets him apart from the competition when it comes to Children cases.

Client:  “I cannot tell you how great, on so many levels and I can see my children flourishing and I can only thank you for helping me to make that happen!” (name withheld)

External colleague: “As an experienced family lawyer for many years in the most complex of children’s cases he brings an unrivalled perspective to the arbitration process.” – Anne-Marie Hutchinson QC, OBE, Partner, Dawson Cornwell

Internal colleague:  “Jeremy has an amazing ability to reassure and advise clients in some of the most highly conflicted disputes, yet he does so with calm and patience. He is witty, clever and supportive of his colleagues.” – Tricia Ashton

Accreditation and memberships:

Member of Resolution and accredited Collaborative Family Law Practitioner.

Member of Cambridge & West Suffolk Resolution.

Children’s law Arbitrator and Member of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators.

Member of Resolution National Children Committee.

Resolution trained Mediator.

Only solicitor-advocate appointed to the Attorney General’s Panel of Special Advocates.

Assisted by: Sharon Weeden – 01223 224389 or email sw@cflp.co.uk

Reported Cases

TT and YY [2020] EWCA Civ 559

TT and YY [2019] EWHC 2384 (Fam)

TT and YY [2019] EWHC 1823 (Fam)

M v F & Ors [2018] EWHC 1720 Fam (16 February 2018)

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Yates & Anor v Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children NHS Foundation Trust & Anor (Rev 1) [2017] EWCA Civ 410 (23 May 2017)

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