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What makes us different?

A big hello from Cambridge Family Law Practice!  We hope you like our new look as much as we do.  We’re all going to be blogging regularly about things that interest us about family law, relationships, Cambridge and all sorts of other bits and pieces, but to start with we thought we’d introduce you to our philosophy, and tell you a bit about what makes us different.

Family lawyers tend to be a bit of a breed apart from other sorts of lawyer.  Most of us have come into the profession because of a desire to make things better for people going through tough times.  As a group, we tend to have a deep interest in people and what makes them tick.  We think that’s particularly true at CFLP – because we only do family-related law, we have a unique focus that isn’t affected by a wider partnership with an emphasis on commercial enterprises and the upkeep of corporate clients.  We just do people.  And because we choose our own direction in family law as a collegiate group of four, we’re really very good at it.

Our philosophy is always to help our clients to resolve their disputes in the most appropriate way.  We’re big fans of alternative/appropriate dispute resolution and can boast one of the largest groups of mediators in East Anglia; we’ve helped collaborative law transform relationships that were fraught with pain and communication difficulties into workable co-parenting arrangements.  We also understand that in some cases court is the only or best option.  In these circumstances we’re proud to be able to fight your corner with words on paper, on the phone or at court.  We think we offer the widest range of family law solutions of any of our peers, and we consider we do it with sensitivity, dedication and expertise.

There’s one other thing to mention: we have lunch together every day.  This may not seem like a huge thing but it cements our partnership, helps us get to know each other better, and means that we always have an idea of what is going on in the team.  From a client’s point of view it means that if for any reason the partner dealing with your case is unavailable, you’ll be able to move things forward with someone of a similar calibre who is likely already to have an idea of where you need to be heading.  It also means that we can freely exchange ideas, like a big family law forum with your interests at heart.  Nobody else in the area has such expertise under one roof.  We share our individual strengths and through this, and our other unique characteristics, we consider we are able to give family law clients the best service in Cambridge.  It means that when you choose one of us to help you with your personal matters, you get the benefit of all of our experience.

We believe in our community at CFLP, and we put our clients firmly at the heart of it.  You’re welcome to join us if ever you should need to, and we’ll look after you as one of our own.



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