If you live with your partner but are not married or have not formed a civil partnership, you may wish to consider entering into an agreement showing what your property interests are at this point in your relationship, and what you intend to happen if the relationship ends.

You can enter into a cohabitation agreement at any time when you live together, or before you start to do so.  They can be particularly useful when one partner purchases a property into which both people move, or when children are born.  Although the courts are yet to declare cohabitation agreements conclusively to be legally binding, there is little doubt that in the event of a later dispute, the information in the agreement would be highly persuasive as evidence.

Cohabitation agreements can be discussed in mediation, in the collaborative law process, or using traditional solicitor-to-solicitor negotiation techniques.

Please download our information sheet if you would like more details about making a cohabitation agreement. Alternatively, you can call Jeremy, Gail, Kathryn, Adam, Simon or Tricia on 01223 443333 for a confidential initial discussion.