The better alternative to court

Rather than issue proceedings at the court which will take many months participants have the option of selecting a Children’s Arbitrator to determine their dispute. Whether that be child arrangements, which school your child should attend or whether your child should or should not move to live abroad in another Hague Convention country.

At CFLP we are excited to launch the Pro Bono Children’s Arbitration Programme.  We will offer one Children’s Arbitration per month at no cost for the next 6 months. To apply simply fill in the form at the end of this page.

Simon Bethel is described as “adept in complex children disputes“, “highly knowledgeable” and “never short of a new idea“. He works hard to achieve the best outcome for families.

Jeremy Ford is described as “an outstanding lawyer…he thinks outside the box and his years of experience working for CAFCASS sets him apart from the competition when it comes to children cases

Cambridge Family Law Practice is a specialist practice that is ‘imaginative in finding solutions and provides empathy while giving straight and firm advice‘. The firm’s partners are vastly experienced and have broad-ranging practices”

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Pro Bono Children’s Arbitration

Our Children’s Arbitrators – Simon and Jeremy

The difference in procedure

Courts procedure

1. Issue C100
2. Cafcass Safeguarding checks
3. First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment – first hearing – 10-12 weeks + from issue
4. Cafcass s.7 report – 12 weeks+ for report
5. Dispute Resolution Appointment – second hearing – 4 weeks+ from Cafcass report
6. Final hearing – 12 weeks+ from DRA

Arbitration procedure

1. Safeguarding checks obtained
2. ARB1CS form
3. Arbitrator convenes short hearing via conference call within 2 weeks – timetable decided
4. Possible ISW report – 4 weeks
5. Arbitration – 3 weeks + from ISW report. In person, remotely, or on paper
6. Decision – within 14 days of arbitration

Benefits of Children’s Arbitration

Whilst you will need to meet the arbitrator’s fees there is still a cost-saving versus court as a decision is made in a far swifter manner. The stress to the participants is also greatly minimised as all the formality of court procedure is removed.

Does it work?

Once the Arbitrator has made a decision it is binding.

Your Arbitrator will have considered all the details of your case and will be fully prepared with all the attention on your case. With the best will in the world, this level of care is not afforded to the court who have to manage multiple cases each day with very little (if any) reading time or time for judgment writing.

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