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Court transfers care of nine year-old to father

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A nine year-old girl has been sent to live with her father by the High Court thanks to her mother’s continuing involvement with a New Age organisation. In Re S the parents had separated when the girl was just a year old. The mother then became involved with Universal Medicine, an Australian group which promotes New Age spiritual beliefs and healing practices, which it calls the “Way of the Livingness”. The daughter was closely involved with the mother’s lifestyle, eating the same restricted diet and attending healing sessions and group events. The father came to believe the doctrines of Universal…

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Radical Divorce Bill Awaits Approval

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The radical Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill completed its passage through both Houses of Parliament this week and is now awaiting Royal Assent, the final stage in the creation of new legislation. The key change introduced by the legislation will be the removal of the current requirement to cite one of five ‘facts’ or reasons when applying for a divorce. These are: Adultery Unreasonable behaviour Desertion Two years’ separation by agreement Five years’ separation without agreement The requirement to cite these facts has been a bone of contention for decades, with lawyers and campaigners arguing that attributing fault in four…

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Court of Appeal upholds decision to register transman as ‘mother’ on birth certificate

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The Court of Appeal has refused a bid by a trans man to be registered as the father of a child he gave birth to. The case concerned a journalist who legally and medically transitioned to life as a male during his 20s, receiving a gender recognition certificate, under the Gender Recognition Act, in 2017. Nevertheless, the man retained the capacity to have children and eventually conceived via in vitro fertilisation the following year. But when the journalist attempted to officially register the boy’s birth, the registrar insisted that he would have to be listed on the birth certificate as…

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Report into remote hearings during lockdown published

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A ‘rapid consultation’ into the effectiveness of remote hearings in the family courts has been published by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. Remote hearings via video conferencing software or telephone became the default after social distancing measures began in March. Over 1,000 respondents submitted their views and experiences over two weeks in April, including legal and social work professionals, parents and carers. Many said they were concerned about the fairness of remote hearings. Amongst the issues cited were maintaining privacy, the absence of facial expressions and body language during audio hearings, and potential disadvantage to people with disabilities or who…

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