Acrimonious divorce proceedings cost husband millions

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The acrimonious aftermath of a brief marriage cost a husband millions of dollars, the High Court has heard. Opening his judgement, Mr Justice Peel explained: “The parties were married for no more than about five months, and have no children. They are both in their fifties. Such cases should be easy to resolve. Not so here; the parties have litigated bitterly, at enormous cost and in minute forensic detail for over a year and a half.” The husband in this case was a US citizen, a successful software engineer who worked on the west coast of the United States. Meanwhile,…

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Multinational couple argue over money before divorce begins

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The wife of a multimillionaire hedge fund manager has been had her claim for interim maintenance and legal costs significantly reduced by the High Court.   Referred to as ‘W’ in the judgement, she had enjoyed some business success before becoming a stay-at-home mother. She and the husband – ‘H’ – were both from outside the UK. They married in London in 2017 and went on to have two children, now aged three and one. The husband was a citizen of three separate countries, while the wife had two nationalities. The siblings are UK citizens, but they too hold other…

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Supreme Court considers maintenance law

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The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal against a ruling that the English courts had the authority to order him to pay maintenance to his ex-wife. The couple had married in England in 1994 before moving to Scotland. When they separated in 2012 the wife returned to England. The following year she filed for divorce in the English courts. But when the husband filed his own petition in 2014, the divorce was officially allocated to the Scottish courts because the couple had lived north of the border throughout their marriage. The wife agreed to drop her own divorce petition and…

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“Grossly unfair” financial settlement overturned in court ruling

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A “grossly unfair” financial settlement following a divorce has been overturned by the Court of Appeal. XW v XH concerned a family court ruling originally made in December 2017. On that occasion, a Judge awarded the wife just 29 per cent of the couple’s assets because he believed the husband, a successful businessman, had made a “special contribution’ to the couple’s wealth. The ‘special’ or ‘stellar’ contribution proviso allows family court judges to grant more of a couple’s shared assets to one partner in a divorce if they are deemed to have made a particularly significant contribution to the couple’s…

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