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Surrogacy nightmares

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As we have remarked before, the use of surrogacy arrangements is growing exponentially in this country, as it is around the world. For those who are unable to carry and give birth to a child themselves, it is one of a range of options available to form a family. Two cases have come to light in the last couple of weeks that highlight some of the issues that can arise. Interestingly, they both involve the same surrogacy brokers, who ran a Facebook page devoted to the subject that enabled those seeking surrogates and those offering to be surrogates to meet….

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How much for a baby?

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Last week BBC4 screened a documentary about a commercial surrogacy clinic in India (you can find it here, but unfortunately only until 10 October 13). It was compelling viewing, and fascinating both from the perspective of the surrogate Indian women, and from that of the couples paying to use the services of the clinic. The scale of the operation was surprising. The pregnant Indian women are housed in a “House of Surrogates” for the duration of their pregnancy, together with around 100 other women in dormitories. The clinic charges overseas couples around £28,000 per baby of which the surrogate mothers…

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Embryology and parenthood

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At CFLP, we pride ourselves on taking on challenging areas of law which fall within our remit as specialist family lawyers. From time to time we deal with interesting issues of law relating to non-traditional methods of creating families, whether it might be surrogacy, IVF or donor conception. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is the UK body which regulates treatment and research using eggs, sperm and human embryos. Our eyes were drawn to the consultation document it released on Monday 17 September, where it seeks views on whether new techniques in embryology should be used to enable couples where there…

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