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Brits abroad – how long is the law’s long arm?

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The law reports this week are again peppered with cases where children are caught up in international disputes between their parents. As the world becomes ever smaller and we increasingly form relationships with partners from different backgrounds, different cultures and different countries, it sometimes seems that the law struggles to catch up. For us lawyers, it is interesting to watch the courts grappling with situations for which there is a lack of appropriate legislation, precedent or guidance. We know, however, that for those caught up in the maelstrom of uncertainty – parents and children – it can be very traumatic.

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Same-sex civil marriage consultation

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Last week the government formally announced that it is considering reforming the law to enable same-sex couples to get married. It has opened a consultation seeking the views of the public about how to provide equal access to marriage: you can find it here , and it is open until 12 June 2012. It makes interesting reading, but in CFLP’s view it is as interesting for what it will not be considering, as it is for the proposed direction of change. Currently the only option available to same-sex couples who wish to formalise their relationships in legal terms is to…

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