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What divorce means

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You might have caught the recent press articles about a woman who sued her solicitors for apparently failing to tell her that getting divorced would end her marriage. It certainly caught our eye, and made us raise a quizzical eyebrow over the morning cuppa! So we thought it worth having a look at the actual case behind the headlines.  You can find the Independent’s article on the case here. The case concerned a Roman Catholic lady, Mrs Mulcahy, who was married to a professed atheist. She was represented by solicitors who advised her, and with whose assistance she was able…

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Jewish divorce and the English courts

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Last week we looked at how the English courts treat Islamic marriages and divorces, and how they try to incorporate the religious sensibilities of people appearing before them. This week we take a brief look at Jewish matrimonial custom and the approach of the English courts to it. Jewish law is governed by the Beth Din, whose function is to arbitrate in civil disputes and administer Jewish family law. For a Jewish marriage to be recognised under English law, the couple will need a civil marriage certificate as well as their Jewish marriage contract. As well as a civil divorce…

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Islamic marriage and divorce

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At CFLP we deal with English civil law, a combination of statute and case law (judicial decisions) which informs the advice we give clients and the way we approach cases. For many people the English legal system is only one aspect of the laws governing their family life; the other being the laws prescribed by their own religious beliefs and cultural practices. We thought it would be interesting to have a brief look at how the court treats religious laws and organisations. For this blog we will take a look at Islamic family law. Next week we will take a…

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