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Protecting children’s privacy

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As Resolution lawyers and responsible human beings, our focus at CFLP is to encourage the parents who come to see us to protect their children during separation and divorce. We believe in putting children’s interests first throughout the process. We aren’t big fans of litigating over children and do what we can to encourage our clients to avoid it wherever possible; sadly, it isn’t always possible to do so, and if it isn’t, we do our best to lessen the impact. As the family courts open up to scrutiny in more ways, the dangers of court proceedings for children become…

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Celebrities vs the press

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The media are fond of a ‘divorce battle’, never more so than when the relationship of a pair of celebrities has been burst apart by salacious revelations. There’s one of these going on at the moment, as you may have seen from some coverage in the newspapers (Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror), over the last couple of weeks. It seems to be the usual story: high-profile, wealthy people meet and fall in love very publicly, have a son (who is now teenage), and many years later, publicly break up. Divorce, sadly, ensues. The reports suggest that this couple has unfortunately not been…

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