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Unfair prenups, creative solutions

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This week we’ve seen an interesting and complex case in our High Court where a judge has had to find a creative solution to rehousing appropriately two young children and their mother, in the face of factors prohibiting what the court would see as the usual fair division of assets on divorce. The case involves a Swedish couple, worth about £11m. The wealth is largely on the husband’s side: he was formerly a sportsman, the judgment tells us, before an accident in 2003 sadly ended his career. His substantial income now comes from active management of the money made before his…

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Signed, sealed, upheld

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It has been a while since we brought you a blog about agreements made before or during marriage – prenups or postnups – and as there has been a recent decision about the enforceability of a post-nuptial agreement we thought it would be a good time to have another quick look at where the law presently stands in relation to marital agreements. At CFLP we certainly see a lot of clients who are considering agreements, either pre-marriage or further down the line. The law has now progressed to the point where agreements will generally be valid and supported by the…

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Law Commission consults on financial remedies on divorce

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[Update: 27 Feb 14 – The Law Commission’s Report on financial needs has now been published and you can read it here] “Incomplete and uninformative” is how the Law Commission described family law in the executive summary to its consultation paper on family law released yesterday. It also, rather oddly, likened the role of judges deciding family disputes to bus drivers who know how to drive, are told to drive, but not to where or why. (We are not sure that too many judges would enjoy the comparison, and many know exactly where they are going!) A bit about the Law Commission…

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Who gets a pre-nup?

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[Update: 27 Feb 14 – The Law Commission’s Report on marital agreements has now been published and you can read it here] Pre-nups (or pre-marital or pre-civil partnership agreements) are beloved of the popular press, especially when the latest celebrity couple are getting married or splitting up. However, they are not just for the rich, famous, or paranoid. At CFLP, we advise people from all walks of life and all financial backgrounds about the pros and cons of having a pre-nup, and in many cases they can be a sensible bit of financial planning, however wealthy you are (or not)….

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