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There was a joke doing the rounds before the general election. It went something like this: “manifesto, noun, from the Latin manifest (to make happen) and oh (it didn’t)”. So, in the aftermath of the unexpected result, and the small Conservative majority in the House of Commons, what do we know about the effect the result will have on family law? Family law itself was not discussed in any great way in the election campaign, as it is not really considered to be a vote winner, but some of the key manifesto pledges made by the Conservatives may well impact…

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Family-friendly laws?

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The Government has announced that all future policy and legislation is to be subjected to a family friendly filter before it can be enacted. This is a Conservative party initiative to ensure that families are supported, and not adversely affected, by developments in law and policy. From October, all government departments will have to assess the impact of policy on “supporting family life” (whatever that means). The family-friendly test will run alongside other policy tests such as cost-effectiveness, equality and environmental impact, with the idea being that laws and policies which are deemed not to support family life will be…

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