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Role models for kids

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In the field of private family law, one of the toughest decisions judges face is whether to let a child relocate permanently overseas with a parent. These cases are formally known as leave to remove applications, because leave (i.e. the permission) of the court is required in order to take a child away from the jurisdiction of England and Wales on a permanent basis if the parents do not agree. Doing so without consent of a parent or permission of the court can amount to child abduction. These cases are always tricky. If a judge gives permission for a relocation,…

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Resources for parents

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For those going through family breakdown there is a massive amount of information available on the internet. Sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. We’re often asked for recommendations of resources that can help families going through separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, so we wanted to bring to your attention The Parent Connection. The Parent Connection is a website run by One Plus One, the UK’s leading relationship research organisation. It contains information to support people in making the transition from being partners to being co-parents. There is a focus on learning constructive communication skills and on planning for co-parenting…

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