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Needs and how to address them

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The Family Justice Council is an advisory body that monitors the family justice system and promotes an inter-disciplinary approach. It has released an interesting report that aims to give guidance to courts and legal advisers about how to approach the issue of ‘financial needs’ in family law proceedings – basically, how peoples’ needs are met after divorce, and when and how maintenance should be paid. It is available here. Although it is not really aimed at lay users of the system, it does give some insight into the way the courts work. The background to the report is a Law…

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Feeling the need

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“Will I be able to manage financially after we divorce?”  “Can I afford a house for myself and the children?”  “How can we afford to live?”  “Will I have to watch every penny?”  These are the sorts of questions which worry most people going through divorce or dissolution. The principles that guide how judges make decisions in financial divorce and dissolution disputes include the concepts of needs, sharing the fruits of the marital partnership and compensation for lost earnings.  The needs of each person in the family, especially those of the children, will be the most important consideration in the…

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Progress on pre-nups

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It has only been a month since we last wrote about pre-nups and marital agreements, and we do usually like to try to vary our blog posts to keep them interesting. However there’s been quick progress since our last update, including a conflicting decision and the release of the Law Commission’s report into the whole area of marital agreements. So here we go again! The new decision was reported widely in the press – the Telegraph’s tagline was “Law is gold-digger’s charter, bemoans wealthy divorcee” – and featured Victoria Luckwell (daughter of tycoon Mike Luckwell, the man behind Bob the…

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