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Translating Big Money principles in Divorce

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It is one of the great ironies of family law that the divorce cases that hit the headlines and the law reports are by and large those where the family is very wealthy and can afford to pay the costs of litigating their case through the final hearing, and then onwards through to the Court of Appeal when someone alleges an error in the initial judge’s treatment of the case. In our common law tradition, where judicial decisions of the higher courts become binding precedents, the big money cases affect how judges decide the outcome of the cases of the…

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Divorce and the recession

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At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, worries about money and finances are one of the major causes of stress and anxiety in the modern world. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious or down when times are hard. Money problems can affect your self-esteem and it is also common for those concerns to spill over into our close personal relationships. This is something borne out by a recent report from Relate. The study, called “Relationships, Recession and Recovery” shows that couples worst affected by the recession are eight times as likely to suffer relationship breakdown. For the study, Relate…

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