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Signed, sealed, upheld

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It has been a while since we brought you a blog about agreements made before or during marriage – prenups or postnups – and as there has been a recent decision about the enforceability of a post-nuptial agreement we thought it would be a good time to have another quick look at where the law presently stands in relation to marital agreements. At CFLP we certainly see a lot of clients who are considering agreements, either pre-marriage or further down the line. The law has now progressed to the point where agreements will generally be valid and supported by the…

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Dining without prejudice?

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According to the wisdom of the great Oscar Wilde (in The Importance of Being Earnest) “once a week is quite enough to dine with one’s own relations”. This is a sentiment likely to be shared by a couple whose dinner date has been at the centre of a recent legal tussle, and which raised an interesting, if somewhat technical, legal issue. The case, known as BE v DE is in essence a dispute over whether or not the English courts have jurisdiction to hear this particular divorce and financial remedy case. The international couple concerned are very wealthy, and as is…

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Progress on pre-nups

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It has only been a month since we last wrote about pre-nups and marital agreements, and we do usually like to try to vary our blog posts to keep them interesting. However there’s been quick progress since our last update, including a conflicting decision and the release of the Law Commission’s report into the whole area of marital agreements. So here we go again! The new decision was reported widely in the press – the Telegraph’s tagline was “Law is gold-digger’s charter, bemoans wealthy divorcee” – and featured Victoria Luckwell (daughter of tycoon Mike Luckwell, the man behind Bob the…

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