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Wills and ways

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There have been three cases concerning wills over the past couple of weeks, so we thought it might be time again to take a look at this rather ‘niche’ area of the work we do. As specialists in family law, we don’t deal with the making of wills in general, except for reminding our clients (of course) that the fact of divorce affects inheritance under a will, and when you’re going through a separation you may wish to update yours to make sure it reflects what you would wish to happen to your property in the event of your death….

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My kingdom for a horse

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You probably heard about the rediscovery last year of the mortal remains of King Richard III in the somewhat unregal location of a municipal car park in Leicester. The news was all over the media when the bones were confirmed as belonging to the king. Poor old Richard went from being demonised as the hunchbacked murderer of the princes in the tower, to being popularly known as the “king in the car park”. King Richard has been back in the news recently following the resolution of a court case in which the issue of where he should be reburied was…

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