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A child’s country home

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Warning: this blog (unusually) contains quite a lot of law; but it is quite interesting, we think. The reason for this focus is that in the last few months our highest court, the Supreme Court has got its teeth into some of the nitty gritty of international disputes concerning children. We thought it would be worth having a brief look at where the law is going in this area, as so many families in our Cambridge community (and beyond of course) have ties and connections with other countries. Three recent cases have all been concerned with the legal concept of…

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Where the heart is?

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We recently wrote about co-operation and competition between European countries following in the wake of the annual spectacle of the Eurovision song contest. That blog looked at the ways countries decide where a divorce case should be heard, and under which country’s laws the case should be decided. Continuing that international theme, we thought it would be worth having a brief look at how courts decide where cases concerning children should be sorted out, because there are some interesting things happening in the courts at present on this front. We looked at the issue of child abduction between countries in…

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