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When 100% is a fair division of assets

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Family lawyers are always talking about fairness, and what that means. Sometimes it means equality and equal sharing of a couple’s assets, sometimes is means an unequal split to balance capital and income and to try to meet everyone’s needs, but rarely does fairness require one party to get everything. You may have seen the coverage in the press in the last week about a case where just that happened, so we thought we would have a quick look. Naturally, the press have reported it in their typical fashion, claiming the wife is “walking away” with the family’s “entire fortune”…

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Kennels, cohabitation, caution

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As you will (we hope) already know, the law as it applies to unmarried couples is very different from that which relates to and protects married couples and civil partners when relationships break down. A recent case has given a salutary reminder of just how harsh the situation can be for people who share a life, a home, and a business but do not have the legal protection in place to look after their interests should the worst happen. The case is Curran v Collins, and it was reported in the press back in 2013 when the first instance decision…

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Cohabitation: lessons from Scotland

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The weekend just past was very Scottish-focused due to the incredible efforts of Andy Murray (didn’t he do well?). Despite the fact that Andy was the runner up while the English have a champion in Jonny Marray, there are some things that the Scots do better than us. In terms of oil production, whisky and imaginary lake-dwelling monsters, they are streets ahead. Although currently remaining part of the UK for political purposes, did you know that Scotland is a separate legal jurisdiction? It may come as a further surprise that they are also ahead of us in legal terms, in…

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