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Expert assistance

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When people are going through a separation or divorce, there are usually a series of arrangements to sort out. In many cases these are not too complex and can be resolved by discussion or negotiation between you, or with the help of a mediator or solicitor. In other more complex cases we legal professionals might work with other specialists who provide specific advice and help in unique circumstances. In this week’s blog we thought we’d take a look at how these people sometimes fit into the puzzle, and why we (or the court) might sometimes recommend their involvement. Where arrangements…

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Calling in the experts

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In many divorce cases, the finances can be sorted out by discussions between the people involved and their lawyers, without the need to instruct a third party to give an expert opinion. However, fairly frequently there are financial disputes that need a definitive answer on asset values, or advice on financial structures or options for the family after separation. This blog looks at the roles of experts within financial remedy cases. Expert advice can be something as straightforward as valuing a house or other asset, so that a capital figure can be put on it. At the other end of…

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