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Enforcing financial orders

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In our work as family lawyers, we are generally focused on getting our client the outcome they want, or as close to it as is reasonably possible. We do this by whatever means are most appropriate in the circumstances of our client’s individual case: we commence the collaborative process, we negotiate for them, we support them through mediation, we arrange arbitration or we conduct litigation. In financial cases, the result is almost always a court order, ideally achieved by consent after the client has reached an agreement with their former spouse or partner, but if not, made by the court…

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Contact enforcement: failure to progress

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[Update 2.6.14 – this blog refers to the Children and Families Bill, which became the Children and Families Act 2014 and many provisions of which came into force on 22 April 2014.] Last week we wrote about enforcing contact orders [Update 2/6/14 – now child arrangements orders]  and a study which looked at how courts deal with those cases brought before them where one parent is trying to enforce an order made in earlier proceedings. We have also mentioned before the Children and Families Bill which is making its way through the parliamentary process, having had its second reading in…

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Making contact work

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We’ve written on many occasions about arrangements for children after parental separation. Spending time with your own children if you do not live with them is formally known as contact, which is something on an unfortunate label, having overtones of artificiality (“coming into contact with something”). There are plans afoot to do away with labels such as this, so that in future there will be orders and agreements for “child arrangements” which is a much more neutral term. [2.6.14 Update – this happened on 22 April 2014 and “child arrangements orders” replaced the concepts of contact and residence.] Terminology aside,…

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