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“It is a wise father that knows his own child”

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In a week when we have marked the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, it seems appropriate that this week’s blog is set in an ordinary family, with a wide cast, comedy and tragedy, concealed identity, an intriguing sub-plot, and a little bit of magic to resolve everything at the end. (In case you were wondering, the title quote is from that most legal of Shakespeare’s plays, The Merchant of Venice.) The headline question in this case was whether an adult man had the right to paternity test the DNA of a deceased man whom he thought had…

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DNA testing – a right to know?

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The majority of us take it for granted that we know who our parents are. The press sometimes cover heart-warming, or sometimes heart breaking, stories of people who have been searching for their biological parents after adoption or being raised in care. There is something within many of us that craves to know about our biological heritage. The current popularity of ancestral and family tree research, and the websites which help to do that, are testament to our interest in where we have come from. As far as children are concerned, biological parentage is of great importance legally, as it…

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