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dispute resolution week | Cambridge Family Law Practice

New ideas for families

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The family law reports are again filled with well-heeled international former couples where the wife is alleging that the husband has hidden money from her and the court. Interesting though these cases often are, we have seen quite a few of them recently, and thought that instead we would turn our attention back to wider social and family justice policy for this week’s blog. What’s life like for separating couples at the other end of the financial spectrum at the moment? While family lawyers in Cambridge and nationwide look forward to Resolution’s National Dispute Resolution Week next week, Jane Robey,…

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A Better Way to divorce or separate

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This week is Resolution’s third Family Dispute Resolution Week. It’s an awareness-raising campaign which aims to highlight the alternatives to court for separating couples and their families. There are events going on around the country to help spread the word that there are alternatives to courtroom battles for separating couples, and there’s been plenty of media coverage already on the surveys commissioned by Resolution about the effects of divorce on kids and the working economy (see e.g. here, here and here).  As you know, at CFLP we are keen on using the right horse for the course, and in many circumstances,…

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