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Confidentiality of court documents

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Every now and then a legal case gets reported that we at CFLP think is worth bringing to your attention. It happened this week, when the High Court’s judgment in HMRC v Charman and Another was released. In this case, the court confirms once again that documents produced for the purposes of obtaining a court order to divide finances on divorce are unlikely to be made available to anyone else, unless there is a strong public interest in favour of revealing them. In 2006, the courts heard Beverley Charman’s application for a financial order relating to the divorce proceedings between herself…

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Marital misdeeds – and money

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We thought we’d start an occasional series looking at some of the common misconceptions surrounding divorce and civil partnership dissolution. There’s a great deal that people don’t understand about the way the process works, and because divorce is still, to an extent, “taboo” in polite society it’s not easy to get information out there about the mechanics of it all. It’s such an emotive subject, too, that people are sometimes scared to speak about it. Our aim is to make the information available here, in case it’s helpful to anyone struggling to find answers for themselves or for a friend….

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