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Time to think?

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Happy new year, reader– we hope 2016 is a peaceful one for you and your family. We’ve been pleased to see that there hasn’t been too much of the ‘divorce day, huge spike in calls to family lawyers’ media nonsense as everyone returns to work and school this year. Perhaps this is in part because of Resolution’s refusal to engage this time round, preferring to focus instead on what can be done to assist those struggling with relationship difficulties.

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Is it really over?

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At CFLP, we understand that the end of a marriage, civil partnership or long-term relationship is rarely cut-and-dried. No matter what has happened between the two of you, there is usually a period of uncertainty during which you have a choice about what comes next. Should you try to mend the relationship, or is it beyond resurrection? How painful and distressing would it be to try to get things back on track, compared to the process of separation and divorce? It should go without saying that a good family lawyer will not try to push you into any course of…

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