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Children law: what is welfare?

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When we’re working on issues about children, you might often hear us family lawyers talk about “welfare”. This is because the main law that guides us on children matters, the Children Act 1989, says in its very first section that “when a court determines any question with respect to…the upbringing of a child… the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration.” There are certain principles that can help the court in assessing the child’s welfare, if it is asked to do so: more details about this can be found in our downloadable fact sheet on children matters here. But…

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Family justice is changing

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[23.5.14 – note: family justice has now changed along the lines discussed! Please look at our most recent blogs to see the current position.] CFLP’s Simon Bethel and Adam Moghadas attended the East Anglian Family Justice Review Conference in Cambridge on Thursday 19 April. Delegates came from all across the region to the conference organised by Fenners Chambers. They heard speakers including Mr Justice Ryder who is in charge of modernising family justice, plus local practitioners from the fields of social work, mediation, academia and the courts. The idea was to spread the word about the changes that are due…

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