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CAFCASS – changing times

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This week we are looking at the role of the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (‘CAFCASS ‘) in family cases and how this may change in the future.  By way of reminder, a while ago we wrote about the role of CAFCASS in our ‘who or what is CAFCASS’ blog. Recent guidance issued by CAFCASS suggests their involvement with families and the court system will change. With effect from 1 July, CAFCASS issued specific guidance, with the approval of the President of the Family Division, on the use of their professional time to benefit children.  The overall aim…

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Children’s time with both parents

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It seems that more parents are going to court with disputes over the care of their children after relationship breakdown. The most recent statistics show that in October 2016 Cafcass received referrals in a total of 3,505 new private law cases about children – that is, those where the local authority had not initiated proceedings.  This figure represents a 9% increase on cases received in the same month the previous year, and wider statistics indicate a 23% rise in cases from two years ago. The government has been pushing mediation hard for separating families, including by removing legal aid for all processes…

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Not about cryogenics

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An unusual and tragic family law case hit the headlines last week, regarding the last wishes of a terminally ill teenage girl (JS) to be cryogenically frozen after her death. She hoped that one day, after a cure for her cancer was found, she might be woken up and resume living her life. We know now that JS has sadly died, and that her wishes were indeed carried out, but the question of under what circumstances the family court got involved has been misconstrued, so we thought we’d take a closer look. In the full decision on the case which…

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Expert assistance

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When people are going through a separation or divorce, there are usually a series of arrangements to sort out. In many cases these are not too complex and can be resolved by discussion or negotiation between you, or with the help of a mediator or solicitor. In other more complex cases we legal professionals might work with other specialists who provide specific advice and help in unique circumstances. In this week’s blog we thought we’d take a look at how these people sometimes fit into the puzzle, and why we (or the court) might sometimes recommend their involvement. Where arrangements…

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