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Child maintenance – how’s it going?

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Child support is always a major factor in making arrangements for children on separation. It’s an emotive subject for many parents, who are perhaps influenced by reports of (or scarred by experiences of) the Child Support Agency in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. The agency’s highly complex formulae for assessment and labyrinthine processes are no longer being applied to the extent they were, but they have left a legacy of mistrust of the state child maintenance system. That’s a shame, because child maintenance is one of the most important pieces of the financial puzzle for children whose parents have separated….

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Child support: changes and charges

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Back in February this year we brought you an update on the new child maintenance regime. Things have moved on since then, so here we are again. As a reminder, all new applications to the child maintenance scheme now use the paying parent’s gross income. It is payable for children under 16, or aged between 16 and 20 and still in non-advanced full time education or training. It is calculated as follows: For gross income of up to £800 per week, child support is payable at the rate of 12% for one child; 16% for two children; and 19% for…

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Child maintenance update

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For what seems like an age, the child support regime has been going through changes, with different organisations involved. First the much maligned Child Support Agency, then the now-defunct Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, then back to the Child Support Agency and now we have the new body known as the Child Maintenance Service. In addition to changing organisations, there has been a gradual shift in the way maintenance is to be calculated. Plus there is now an emphasis from the Government on getting couples to sort it out themselves and not trouble the Commission/Agency/Service with their problems in getting…

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Child support – where are we?

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[Update 23.5.14 – the new Child Maintenance Service has just announced that it will start charging to administer payments.  For more information check www.cmoptions.org] We’ve been receiving a few enquires recently from parents who have heard about the changes to child support, and thought that there was supposed to be a new scheme coming in around now. They’re right: there was supposed to be, and to an extent there is, a new scheme starting in October 2012 that will shift the parameters on child support payments for some families. We thought it would be a good idea to draw all…

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