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Moving abroad with kids

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It’s been quite a busy week in family law, with a few new judgments coming through in various different areas. We thought we’d focus on a case where the court has allowed a mother to relocate to Utah in the USA with her two young children, in the face of opposition to the move both from their father and from the children’s CAFCASS guardian. The children’s guardian is appointed by the court to ensure that the children’s interests are fully considered independently from the viewpoints put forward about them by their parents. In this case, she is a CAFCASS officer…

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Moving away

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Question: We live near Saffron Walden. I’ve been divorced for a couple of years and the kids see their dad regularly as he lives close by. Now I’ve been offered a dream job in Newcastle and I really want to go. Of course, I want the children to come with me. I believe we would all have a better quality of life there, but it would mean they wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with their dad. Can we go? Answer: That depends on whether the children’s father agrees to your move, or if you can persuade him…

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Voting with their feet

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When are you too old to be a child? Once you become a parent, it could be said that your child is your child forever, whether they be 20, 40 or 80 years of age. Of course, the law doesn’t see it quite that way; neither, generally, does the child. You might expect strict rules concerning the point in a child’s life when the law should resist intervening in a dispute between parents over their arrangements, but a recent decision of the Court of Appeal has shown that this is not quite the case.

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