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Tactful diplomacy

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There’s been an interesting case rumbling through the courts recently that considers whether a foreign diplomat can be protected by diplomatic immunity from divorce proceedings issued by a spouse in this country. A judgment has just been produced by the Court of Appeal. We thought we would have a closer look. In this case , the wife has filed an application with the court for consideration of financial relief after an overseas divorce, which is a broadly similar process to that which those divorcing in England and Wales go through in court, but technically more limited in its outcome. The husband…

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Tigers, trusts and temerity

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People often say that there are no winners in family law. However in a recent case, it could be said that, rather unusually, endangered tigers were the winners. Or, to be more specific, a charity striving to preserve and conserve the critically endangered Chinese tiger could be said to have been the winner. The case is rather unusual, even for a divorce case where all circumstances tend to be unique. In addition to the husband and the wife, the parties to the litigation included charities set up by the couple to breed Chinese tigers and to reintroduce them to their native habitat….

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Feeling the need

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“Will I be able to manage financially after we divorce?”  “Can I afford a house for myself and the children?”  “How can we afford to live?”  “Will I have to watch every penny?”  These are the sorts of questions which worry most people going through divorce or dissolution. The principles that guide how judges make decisions in financial divorce and dissolution disputes include the concepts of needs, sharing the fruits of the marital partnership and compensation for lost earnings.  The needs of each person in the family, especially those of the children, will be the most important consideration in the…

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Translating Big Money principles in Divorce

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It is one of the great ironies of family law that the divorce cases that hit the headlines and the law reports are by and large those where the family is very wealthy and can afford to pay the costs of litigating their case through the final hearing, and then onwards through to the Court of Appeal when someone alleges an error in the initial judge’s treatment of the case. In our common law tradition, where judicial decisions of the higher courts become binding precedents, the big money cases affect how judges decide the outcome of the cases of the…

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