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Testing Arbitration

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At CFLP we are big fans of keeping people out of court if it is practicable to do so. Courts aren’t fun places to be, and although there are some circumstances when it is impossible to avoid court, generally we encourage our clients to try to take advantage of other options for the resolution of family disputes. You can read more about these alternative options here. Family arbitration is still regarded as the new kid on the block in terms of family dispute resolution, but its advantages are becoming more widely known and its use is growing. It works by…

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Changing circumstances

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Usually when a former couple is going through financial negotiations or litigation after divorce, the finishing post is the sealing by the court of the order setting out their financial arrangements. Once the ink on the court stamp is dry, all that normally follows is to put its terms into effect, and the family can move on from the stress of sorting out their financial arrangements towards a more certain future. However there are limited circumstances in which it is possible to undo the sealed order, and ask the court to consider matters again. We are not talking about appeals…

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