A separation agreement can help regulate the financial arrangements between you and your spouse or civil partner in the time between when you cease to live together and when your divorce or dissolution becomes final.  It can also enable the two of you to make arrangements now which will be made formal in a court order when and if your marriage eventually ends.

Separation agreements are less common now than in previous decades, but can still be useful in circumstances such as the following:

  • If you are not sure the marriage is over and are reluctant to make permanent arrangements at this stage, but you are living apart
  • If the two of you have decided you will wait until you can divorce or dissolve your civil partnership consensually after 2 years of separation
  • If one partner is currently unwilling to divorce or dissolve the partnership at all and the other partner intends to divorce after 5 years of separation

The terms of a separation agreement can be discussed in mediation, in the collaborative process or using traditional solicitor-to-solicitor negotiation techniques.

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