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Mother awarded compensation for stalled career in divorce proceedings

A former solicitor who gave up work to become a full time mother has been awarded compensation of £400,000 in her divorce proceedings.

The award – recompense for the salary she would have earned had she continued her legal career – was in addition to an equal share in the couple’s substantial overall assets of £10 million. At a private family court hearing, Mr Justice Moor explained that the wife had taken primary responsibility for the couple’s two children while her husband, also a solicitor, had focused on his career.

The Judge insisted that the case should not be seen as a precedent for future claims in divorce proceedings, but said such pay-outs were justified in some circumstances.

“The husband’s career took precedence. I accept that it is unusual to find significant relationship-generated disadvantage that may lead to a claim for compensation but I am clear that this is one such case.”

He continued:

“I have come to the conclusion that an appropriate sum to award for relationship-generated disadvantage, over and above her half share of the assets, is the sum of £400,000.”

The Cambridge graduate was married to her husband for ten years before the relationship broke down. The unidentified couple are both in their 40s and live in London.

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