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More than 40 per cent of divorcees now borrow from friends & family

By 11 December 2020News

A full 41 per cent of people aged under 55 now borrow from friends and family to finance their divorce, according to a recently published report.

By contrast just 11 per cent of divorcees aged 55 or over reported having done so. According to Divorce in the UK – can we improve the process?, this stark difference is likely due to the fact that older divorcees were more likely to have been eligible for legal aid at the time their marriages ended. Eligibility for legal aid was drastically curtailed in 2013.

Younger people have also embraced online divorce. While two thirds of over 55s sought help from a solicitor when divorcing, only around 40 per cent of under 55s had done so.

Londoners were the region most concerned by the cost of consulting a solicitor, while lawyers in Scotland raised the highest ratings from their clients.

Polling firm YouGov surveyed just 1,000 British adults on behalf of Ampla Finance.

The report is available here.

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