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How to pay for a divorce lawyer if funds are low

Legal representation can make all the difference during divorce – especially if the split has been an acrimonious one. A good solicitor can ensure you receive all the assets you deserve and need for your new life even if your soon-to-be-former spouse attempts to hide their assets or evade their responsibilities.

But what if you don’t have much money to hand? How do you pay for a divorce solicitor? Sadly, legal aid for most aspects of divorce was abolished back in 2013. But don’t despair, there are other possibilities you may not have considered if it’s become clear you won’t get a fair deal without some legal support behind you. You should take financial advice on these options before you make a decision.

  • Explore mediation

 Mediation is only remaining element of the divorce process for which legal aid is still available. Even if your and spouse are currently at loggerheads negotiation may help you reach agreements on such crucial issues as arrangements for the children or the fate of the family home. Feelings may be running high but the more matters you can resolve directly with help of a mediator, the lower the legal costs will be for both of you.

Money can be a source of stress and uncertainty but there are a number of options out there. At Cambridge Family Law Practice we aim to work flexibly with clients, meaning you can use our service as much or as little as you need and/or can afford. We can advise you in the background, you can dip in and out of legal advice or we can provide full representation and advocacy at any court hearings.  We work in a way that suits you.

  • A loan or 0% credit card

If you have a reasonable credit rating and some income, these may be the right choice for you. A number of credit cards with zero per cent interest and affordable repayments terms are available. Meanwhile, some finance companies specialise in providing loans to people involved in legal proceedings, which may not be repayable until the conclusion of your divorce (although specialist litigation funding companies tend to charge high interest rates).

  • Ask your friends or family for a loan

If you have comfortably-off friends or relatives they may be willing to loan you some funds for the duration of the divorce – especially if you have a good chance of a decent settlement from a share of the matrimonial resources.

  • Apply to the court for funding from your spouse

Yes, it is possible to apply to the court for funding from your spouse. This is called a Legal Services Payment Order, or LSPO. The Court may agree to make such an order if there is a significance difference in income or assets between you.

If you are struggling without a solicitor and want to discuss your options, please speak to Tricia, Adam, Gail, Jeremy or Simon on 01223 443333.