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Government to review domestic abuse employment rights

By 31 August 2020News

The government has announced a review of the best ways to protect domestic abuse survivors in the workplace.

Topics under consideration will include flexible working, unplanned leave, and protections against financial abuse, such as paying the employee’s salary into a different account or providing emergency payments. Examples of best practice within the UK and abroad also be examined.

Written evidence has been invited from employers across the country, on the following issues:

  • What practical circumstances arise in relation to domestic abuse and work?
  • What support can be offered in the workplace for victims of domestic abuse?
  • What is possible with the existing framework?
  • What does current best practice look like?
  • What is the potential to do more?

The review was announced by Business Minister Paul Scully. He said:

“Domestic abuse may occur in the home, but its impact stretches into every aspect of survivors’ lives. This review aims to give employers the confidence and knowledge to support workers affected by domestic abuse. It will build the evidence base for possible future action by government and employers, to ensure that survivors are properly supported at work.”

Victims’ Commissioner Dame Vera Baird QC added:

“I welcome this review as it is vitally important we do all we can to raise awareness of domestic abuse across society. Everyone should be alert to the possibility that friends, family members and colleagues could be at risk. Having a job and spending time away from their abusers can provide a degree of independence which can be crucially important for those suffering abuse. Employers should be encouraged to do all they can to ensure that they are aware of the issues, trained to recognise when people may be at risk, and to put measures in place to help and support their employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse in a sensitive and practical way.”

Around 20 per cent of survivors typically need time off work after experiencing abuse.

The deadline for responses is 9 September. Responses can be sent via email to:


Please contact the Partners on 01223 443333